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Anteos-Slide-0   There is a challenge for doing another type of aerial work with low operational and maintenance costs , with short time for the pilots training   and  very high precision in task execution A new way for doing aviation in the service of industry, agriculture, civil protection and  a new profession for the people as RPAS operator and  pilot  .  See the RPAS performances

Certification Process  for aeronautical  companies:

  • Operator ( AOC ) and  Continuing Airworthiness Management
  • Maintenance and Repair Organizations
  • Training Organizations
helic a
  • Asset Management for keeping up   the value  of  your aircraft   (Initial and Continuing Asset Protection Programme (CAPP); Aircraft Appraisal and Airworthy Evaluation; Audits trough Operator, CAMO and Maintenance Organizations  involved in aircraft management; Delivery and Re-Delivery Management and also  Recovery Managemen
  • Aircraft Industry Advisory related to the Business plan, Feasibility Study,  Aircraft Selection, Operational Concept, Implementation, Authorities authorizations achievement, Personnel evaluation, Dispatch and/or Training.

Certification Process  for the aircrafts, changes and repairs.